Friday, May 09, 2008

Found It!

So-- it's good news, bad news.
The good news is I found the Chopin Blouse pattern.

The bad news is that the lower back garment piece was not with it and I'm about 2" short of having enough to cut it out from the remnant piece. Y'know, I almost remember kind of absent-mindedly throwing out what I *thought* was a scrap of that when I was in the middle of Pippen costuming. I thought all the pieces of the blouse were bundled together in the corner. Wrong.

Now, I *could* piece it; if I matched the stripes carefully it might not show too bad (yeah, right). More likely, I could shorten the blouse a bit. It is pretty long.

But I think I'll just pack it up for now and see if I can get up to Textile Fabrics sometime in the next two or three months; perhaps they've still got some of that fabric left.

Lesson learned: never,ever throw out scraps until the project's done....


  1. Well, there is a little silver lining - at least you do have all the pattern pieces whether you have the fabric or not!

  2. Lisa - I'm thinking of going to Textile fabrics in Nashville tomorrow - my Mother's Day gift to me before DH leaves town for 3 weeks. Send me an e-mail to coordinate if you'd like:

  3. Bah, I hate when I do that!! Which is all too often, LOL. :D Glad to see you're back to blogging!