Thursday, November 01, 2007

Start the Count Over

Ok. 3 months and 10 days.

That's how long I managed to go w/o purchasing any fabric.

But, the thing is, that No New Fabric Moratorium wasn't lifted so I could buy some superfantastic gorgeous piece of fabric for the stash...

I bought 7 1/2 yards of extra-wide cotton flannel to make a second set of waterbed sheets. had their nice extra-wide flannel on sale for $4/yard...which means that, even counting shipping, this set of sheets will cost less than $37, which is Unheard Of (flannel sheets sets are at LEAST twice that, IF you can find them!). My Sweet Baboo thought it would be a good idea, so I sighed and ordered the fabric. It got here yesterday. It's very nice...they'll be wonderful sheets.

I'll send it through the washer and dryer three times, then I'll cut it into sheet-and-pillowcase sized rectangles and sew them up. It'll just take a few hours to get them put together, and it will make life just a little easier to have a set to switch out with the ones I made last year.

I'm just kinda pouty that it wasn't something exciting. Back to the Moratorium...

Q&A...Cherie asked in a comment yesterday if we had all the church work done; I've so far managed to keep the children's church costumes boxed up while I'm at home; we've had two three-day work sessions at church and we've got one more scheduled for Thur-Fri-Sat of next week. I'm not sure we're 2/3 finished yet, but if we can get a good crew (even if I just have one person working along with me for each shift) we can get quite a bit done. But that will be the last available opportunity for working at church...anything that doesn't get done then will have to be farmed out amongst the sewing ladies and finished up at home.

(Anyone besides me looking at the calendar this morning and saying, 'Gaaaahhh!!!! Not November already!!! Nooooo.....!')

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  1. I'm in calendar denial.

    Well, you can't be $37 for a set of waterbed sheets anywhere you shop! The purchase was definitely justfied, and it will be more exciting come some cool winter night!