Saturday, November 17, 2007

Shop 'til you Drop

Whaddya do for fun with a church class of jr high girls?

Shop, of course! Our Friends class 'just for fun' outing for this quarter is today; we're heading out in just a bit on a road trip to Opry Mills Mall, with a probably meander through the atrium at The Opryland Convention Center. Hopefully, no one will 'drop' before we're done for the day!

Meanwhile, the Tribeca needs only one buttonhole and the buttons; I hope to get it done before I go to bed tonight. I'd've finished last night after the day's busyness, but my sewing machine and I got into an argument over the buttonholes and consequently I ended up unpicking one and a half of them. Hopefully I can coax it into doing that last one right for me after I get back tonight... ;)

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