Monday, November 26, 2007

Headin' into December...

And I don't have *any* daytime commitments on the calendar this week!!!

I'm not going along to the state drama competition after all; there were already enough chaperones signed up to go before DS asked his teacher, so that's a whole two days that I'll have available.

I do need to take one day and go do some more Christmas shopping, but mostly I need to do some Christmas sewing this week. I've got the Hot Patterns Classix Nouveau Trouser Skirt (henceforth known as the HPCNTS...) about 1/3 done. I had cut some pockets to put on the front/side front seam, but when I pulled the pieces out to put the pockets on I realized that the front section is much too narrow for inseam pockets and they'd criss cross under the center. I think the skirt is too fitted for side seam pockets...I think they'd gap. And I didn't cut slant pockets. So, even though I KNOW pocketless garments generally turn into unworn garments, I decided to leave the pockets off. I can at least wear it w/a jacket w/pockets, perhaps...which means the next step will likely be the fly front. Once the zipper's in it should finish out very quickly.

But after that, it's Christmas project sewing, which I really won't be able to discuss here for fear of certain relatives suddenly, unexplainedly, unexpectedly deciding to click on that link in the ancient email.

Then I need to sew up the flannel sheets. But I'm going to see where we are in the month of December when the sheets are done before I plan past that....

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