Sunday, September 02, 2007

New Series: Choir Sundays

Thought I'd try something a little different; since I talk so much about sewing for my church choir wardrobe, I thought I'd do a variation on the ladies who post 'what I wore today' things and do a series of photos about what the choir is wearing.

This month: Black and light blue (blue lights make some of the tops/shirts look white) :I jumped down during pre-service rehearsal to take the photo.

Here's what I wore today (I have no idea why I look like I just got off a horse...optical illusion from the shadows, maybe? I was standing w/my weight on one leg, but not crouched!):

That's the Vogue 8398 eyelet jacket, the shell top from the Kwik Sew Newman Blue Twinset (which I just noticed this morning was an exact match for the blue in the and the just-finished black modified La Fred Daphne pants.

I'll probably only do one choir photo per month, but at least it'll explain somewhat the rather peculiar wardrobing I do sometimes!

I'll do it for at least the rest of the year; we'll see how it goes after that.


  1. Cool! I think this a great feature. I've been curious about the choir outfits. The large choir I was in the church in CA we never coordinated outfits. This lead to some interesting Sundays, as the women I sat in between had extremely different coloring than mine. The other large choir I was in, was televised and we had to wear lilac-colored robes with white stoles! (Yes, the men, too!) In my current choir, I'm on the second row on the end so it doesn't matter as much!

  2. Yeah, the reason we do this is for TV. We're broadcast locally and from a satellite in we're on in Europe and the mid East,which I think is kind of interesting. I think we'd done about 2 months on TV when it was decided that we needed to coordinate at least a little! Now whenever anyone grumbles, we hear, "Would you rather wear robes?"

    That pretty much kills the grumbling ;)