Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to the house...with work...

Yesterday's progress: 2 1/2 guys' vests done. But I ran out of time to haul everything home...DD had an orthodontist appointment after school. Fortunately, the ladies didn't need the classroom after all, so I was able to get everything packed and least one of the older DKids will go with me to church today to load it into the Caravan. (I offered a Starbucks to whoever was willing to go and help). I took stuff in over three days...the cutting boards and such have already come home, but the rest is there. Plus all the fabric that was brought in...two Rubbermaid bins and several small bags worth.

I joked w/somebody that I've been fasting laundry for a week...we've had things just about every evening when I wasn't sewing and the housework is a little behind. So I'm doing laundry and such today as well as making the trip to church and back.

But I've heard a rumor that the decision has been made on what we will be doing for Christmas Drama this year...all I know is that the drama coach at church was told 'You're gonna like it'.

So that means *something* is going to be going on. But it might be another week before the news actually gets to me...

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  1. Hmm. . . that could be a good thing - if you already have all the costumes made and ready to be worn! Good luck with catching up on the house, I know it can be pretty crazy around here, too.