Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pattern Acquisition again

One of the things I made sure I made time for last Thursday amidst the school orientations, laundry and general day-before-we-leave-town busyness was a trip to Hancock's to take advantage of the pattern sale. With all Vogues for 3.99, and no limit, I thought I'd pick up some things.

One was the Galaxy Dress that I've been waffling on forever. I just haven't seen anyone...including some ladies whose shape is similar to mine...who hasn't looked smashing in it. So what if I don't have anywhere to wear it. I'll think of something.

I also picked up The Red Jacket Anne Klein pattern. That's what I'd decided to use my now moth-eaten royal blue wool flannel on. However, it's interesting that the entire jacket is two-layer...self-lined. That'd be awfully bulky in my flannel, I think, not to mention Really Warm. I think I'm going to see if I can draft a lining for it. Assuming, of course, that I can squeeze the pattern on the fabric around the chewed up places. :(

I've been looking for a ruffly front blouse, too. My Sweet Baboo mentioned that he thought those were pretty, so I'm determined to own one...even if I think a ruffly front would look just a little silly on me. He so seldom expresses an opinion...especially a positive opinion...on clothing that I need to act on it. Anyway, I got 8252, then realized when I got home and looked over the guide sheet that the ruffles on that pattern have raw edges. hm. Trendy, yes, but I'm not sure that's for me. I'm thinking about it.

Finally, I indulged my vintage wishing. Maybe it was doing the '40's skit that pushed it over the edge, but I picked up two patterns that have been on my yummy list for a long time: 2354 and 2787. I'm thinking I could make one of those up in black and white drapey polka dot something as a wearable muslin/costume, just in case we do another skit in which I have to portray the 'faithful secretary Trixie' again. The only problem w/those vintage patterns is the available sizes; 2354 is available in single sizes only, and the size ranges for 2787 are 6-10, 12-16 and 18-22. I need an 8 in the shoulders, a 12 in the bust, a 16 in the waist and a 14 in the hips. So I'm just going to have to do a heap o' alterin' and those, um, stylish seam lines are going to make the alterations very, very interesting...

I picked up a couple of McCall's patterns at .99 for DD the younger, too, as she needs city shorts to wear to school. Middle school is being much more picky about things being 'approaching knee length' than the elementary was. I let her look through the book while I collected my list from the Vogue cabinet and she picked out a couple of Hilary Duff patterns. I'll be raiding the remnant bin very soon.

Or at least relatively soon; I'll be sewing at church and working on that extremely ambitious queue for the next couple of weeks anyway.


  1. My husband rarely expresses an opinion, either. Which is strange due to the amount of sewing I do for myself. It's the oddest garments that he *really* likes, too; like my chain link BWOF dress. Something I thought he'd *never* like!

  2. Well, my DH prefers 'blend into the crowd' clothes...the weird and the funky he'd just soon I'd wear when I'm not with him.

    But I'd go crazy dressing like Lands' End Mom *all* the time...