Monday, August 13, 2007

Reflections on the weekend

Ooo!!! Thanks, everyone who said 'Hi!' It's been so fun to see who's reading! A lot of the names I recognized from other sewing sites, but there were a few new ones. And, if you didn't check in over the weekend, it's still ok to add a comment and say 'Hi'!

Me, I'm kicking myself for not carrying the camera to church with me to document a bit of what I'm doing. The work I did Saturday went beyond mending to salvage... there was a vest amongst the costumes that I almost threw away last summer, when I was cleaning things out, because it was on the edge of complete disintegration. But I stopped myself because it occurred to me that it would make an excellent ratty garment for a beggar, or, say, the Apostle Paul in prison. So I folded it over a hanger (the shoulders couldn't support it) and marked it as a very fragile costume for those uses.

Sure enough, this spring we had a young man cast as blind Bar-Timaeus, and I assigned that to him, warning him to be very, very careful with it. I believe he was, but it was really excessively loosely woven and simply couldn't tolerate being worn. When I picked it up Saturday, there were only two long pulled out threads still holding one shoulder together. It was dire.

So, I cut some backing fabric and began zig-zagging. It doesn't look really good, but then, it's not supposed to. I got both shoulders and both underarms reinforced, and one fraying-out armhole somewhat stabilized. I've still got to do the other armhole, the neckline and couple of long frayed out areas on the side seams.

I'll take the camera today...hopefully it will get enough detail to make it worth sharing a photo ;)

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  1. Hi Lisa, missed the 'where are you' weekend but here goes. I'm from the U.K. north England, County Durham to be exact. I'm a PR member too. Enjoy your blog, best wishes, zetor.