Monday, August 27, 2007

The Juggling Act Begins

With one church conference behind and one looming in two weeks, I've kind of given myself these in-between weeks to get the rest of the HMC costumes finished up (five robes to go; Miss M has volunteered to take one home and sew it this week; there are a couple more ladies who have indicated they'll help, if I can manage to make contact with them). I think I'm going to try to alternate working on a costume w/working on the Prodigious Queue...coordinating the projects based on what color thread is in the serger.

I'm still pondering that blue jacket, too. Shannon Gifford pointed out in the comments that the original designer jacket was crafted from doublecloth...hence the 'self-lined' construction. As if self-lining would end up looking anything like double cloth when it was finished! (rolls eyes and shakes head) And, in looking at that no-sideseam, no-fitting opportunities pattern, I've been wondering how on earth I'm going to do my usual pear body alterations. The upshot is that I'm probably going to add side seams. And the more I look at the picture, the more I'm wondering about those low armsceyes and fairly narrow sleeves. Hm. That looks like potential bindage to me; I'll probably work that over some, too.

Will the finished product bear much resemblance to the garment on the cover? Well, it'll have that big collar and the peplum....

But I'm likely to not even pull out my tracing paper to start work on it until after conference number two.

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