Friday, August 17, 2007

If it applies....

My Sweet Baboo and I had a nice...very filling...dinner, then popped across the parking lot to the mall so I could pay a bill and then we could walk a bit. We stopped in the Hallmark shop, where I saw a little door hanger with the following sentiment:

"I have three sizes in my closet:
'Normal Days,' 'Splurge Days' and 'Those Were the Days'"

No, I didn't get it...but...omigoodness, ain't it the truth? I also spotted a mug w/a declaration that made me laugh:
"Note to self: Stop saying 'Yes' to all this volunteer stuff"

I'm hoping to finish the cutting out today, which I will do unless a boatload of incoming HMC students bring fabric in. So far, I've only gotten fabric from one person; I KNOW there are more kids that need costumes but I'm running out of time in my makeshift sewing studio and therefore they're running out of time to bring stuff in. At this point, they may have to wait until we're done w/Pastor Norm's costumes before we take on any least, by then we should know if we're doing a big Christmas production or not. I hate to make them wait, but I did specify that they needed to bring in the fabric by the first of this week...

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