Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hearing Little River Band in my head

Y'know...the song that starts out 'Happy Anniversary, Baby, got you on my MI-ind'
If I remember right, though, that song was about a relationship that had ended; I'm feeling very blessed today that the first line of the song is the only one that applies to me. We're planning Dinner Out this evening to celebrate 27 years of said blessing ;)

Meantime, I'm still going to be chopping at church. I was actually caught up for about 10 minutes yesterday, before one of our pre-school pastor's assistants brought in the second batch of costume fabric. So...more cutting today.


  1. A very, very Happy Anniversary to you and your sweetie!!!!
    DH and I celebrated our first year on Sunday last. We started pretty late, but I'm looking forward to anniversary numbers 2 through 27, and on...

  2. Happy Anniversary! Hopefully you'll have many more happy years together!

  3. Happy Anniversary. Have a lovely meal. The wedding photo is great!

  4. Lisa ~ what a wonderful and precious memory! Happy Belated Anniversary!