Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Control Issues

Or, maybe, controller issues?

We're a game-playing family. I well remember a summer several years back, when the older DKids were middle-school age, when it seems like we did nothing but play Monopoly. Full-length games. But...Monopoly is one of those games where there's a point at which everyone knows who's going to win long before the game is over and there really isn't anything that anyone can do about it. The rest of the game is one long grind-everyone-else-into-the-dirt process. It really isn't my game style; I don't much like playing Monopoly even when I win, let alone when I'm one of the people ground under the heel of the real estate mogul. But, I figured the kids were learning critical thinking and developing their math skills so I went along with it....

But Monopoly has been replaced now by Nintendo. And I *really stink* at those eye-hand coordination things. I stink so bad that I've been known to get completely incapacitated, gasping for breath with tears running down my cheeks from laughing so hard at my inability to just get that little character to simply run across a platform and jump to the next one. I'm telling you, it's truly pitiful.

But I'm still playing games w/the this point, it's a question of spending whatever time I can with them. When my Tuesday drama was canceled last night, the two older ones and I decided to play a Mario Party game (also a game in which the players are basically powerless against whoever has the Huge Lead).

But I thought I'd be *somewhat* productive and sat down with my game controller and my black pants. I could hem them and sew on the closures while waiting on my turn. Double tasking! Yes!

Well, not only did I come in dead last in the game (beaten even by the computer character), but I had multiple thread snarls...once it even broke. I sewed the socket end of a snap on upside down and didn't realize it until I tried to snap the ball end into it. I cut thread way too short and pulled my needle off more than once.

Maybe double tasking like that is not such a good idea.

But, I did get the hand sewing on those pants done. And I finished out one of the Bible costumes. And I sewed up a Jalie t for DD that was in the Queue. So it really was a productive day.

In a frustrating sort of way.

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  1. This makes me smile and remember the time I was sewing a cape for my mother's Christmas gift--on Christmas Eve. I sewed the frog closures on incorrectly--three times! Finally my friend said, exasperated, "Give me that!" And sewed them on correctly.

    Tina W