Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Coming off the nitrous...

I used to get teased by my dentist because I actually *looked forward* to getting a filling; the time spent on the nitrous was likely to be the only nap I'd get all week. But nitrous has kind of a strange effect on time; often I'd kind of dream about things long past while waiting for my jaw to turn numb, and had to quickly reorient myself to the present when the procedure was finished and I was breathing the oxygen to purge the nitrous from my system.

That's not unlike coming back from reunions. I'm feeling a little disoriented today, having spent time with people who knew who I was but really don't know who I am...people that I once knew but now have to reorganize my thinking to reflect who they are. People change a lot in 30 years...and it was great to get to see everyone and reconnect.

But there's precious little time for reorientation; I'm teaching a Bible study and leading a couple of different discussion groups today. The two younger kids start back to school tomorrow. I'm starting a sewing project at church on Thursday.

But I'll talk more about that later. Right now I'm just taking deep breaths.

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