Thursday, July 12, 2007

Workin' on the Denim Skirt

I did some sewing yesterday (after 9 days away from the sewing room, I was due!); worked on my pink print top, since I could sew it up with the cream thread left in the serger from the green linen skirt. It's done to the handsewing, which I'll do when I next get the urge to watch a movie with the kids. Next up was the denim skirt.

It's from Vogue 2872, an Anne Klein pattern that's gotten some bad press because the folks at Vogue elected to photograph it in black...which shows none of the details of the pattern and looks something like a Mission Worker's Uniform. And, of course, denim is NOT listed as a recommended fabric on the back of the pattern.

But I thought the skirt would look great made up in denim; and I thought that yoke detail on the pocket could be very cleverly morphed into pockets.
So I sharpened my drafting pencil and pulled out the tissue and went to work, using the original yoke pattern as my basis.

It really wasn't too hard to draft; the only tough spot was trimming out that uber sharp corner so that I could turn my facing (a soft microfiber twill) cleanly.

Oh, I guess the topstitching is a little tricky; I'm doing it with the bulky jeans thread in the bobbin, so I'm doing it from the wrong side with my virtual fingers crossed. So far, so good. ;)


  1. Oh, I really love this! When I went to checkout the pattern, the jacket I could take or leave, but I really liked the shape of the skirt! I think it will look great with all that topstitching.

  2. Actually, I kinda like that jacket...if the asymmetric collar is discounted. I've looked at it a couple of times, wondering if it would be too hard to make it a little more normal...such a nice tailored jacket with a wonky collar looks weird. But I bought the pattern for the skirt anyway!

    And for anyone who read the post before my brain kicked it, it is an Anne Klein pattern, not Donna Karan. Dunno what I was thinking...