Monday, July 30, 2007

Still Chopping

But I'm almost done! There's a silk blouse on the cutting table...this fabric was purchased for this specific pattern in 1998!

High time it was made up, doncha think? :rolleyes:

Then I'm cutting the Neue Mode Shirt (the spread collar view!)from white cotton/lycra shirting I got from Timmel Fabrics last year, and I'm calling it a Full Queue.

I confess, I have given priority to garments that use a lot of fabric...I have two skirts cut from bias tiers. That ate a lot of a cotton shirting I bought years ago to make Family Outfits. Needless to say, at this point, the 21 year old and the 19 year old would rather wear barrels than Matching Family Shirts and Jumpers Made by Mom. So now it is a tiered bias skirt for me, one for DD the Younger, and a shirt for My Sweet Baboo. And there's still several yards of it left. I'm starting to wonder if it might make a nice tablecloth, too... ;)

And there's the 8.5 yard pants I mentioned yesterday...a faux wrap skirt, Butterick 4803, that I cut from 1) the pink fabric I found from Miss A and a pink/red/multi on black floral semi-sheer rayon crepe that I got in a Fabric Mart bundle last year.

There's more stuff I'd like to cut, but I'm getting down to things that need pattern alterations so I'm going to quit with the white blouse and clean up my (very big) mess.

Right now, I'm at 44 1/4 yards cut and waiting to be sewn; I'm thinking it'll be another 5 yards when I'm done. Assuming I don't buy anymore fabric, when that's all sewn I'll be less than 3 3/4 yards from parity.

WHEN that's all sewn...


  1. My jaw has dropped in awe!

    I'd like to do this, but am afraid my inner fabric hog would consider it time to go shopping as soon as the last piece was cut.

  2. :whew: I must say your mention of 8.5 yard pants gave me a start and I had to look back through yesterday's post to see about that. I like the "big pants," you know, but 8.5 yards might be too much even for me!

    I am very impressed with all this cutting and can't wait to see the results!

  3. Wow! That's a lot of chopping! Actually it sounds like a really good idea, but I'd be afraid to tally everything up because then I'd have to face the reality of how much stash I really do own!

  4. Wow! That is amazing! That many cut out projects would totally shut me down. I wouldn't be able to do anything! I really admire you that you can cut all of this out and then go back and sew it. I would end up with a lot of stuff cut out and moving onto new stuff!