Thursday, July 26, 2007

The PR Quilt Square

I'm postponing the report on cutting a the WIP list grows incrementally ;)...
Pattern Review recently passed the 100,000 member mark, and to commemorate the event, there's a quilt being voluntarily assembled and quilted by one of the members from squares submitted from any PR member who has a desire to do so. It will be given as an appreciation gift to Deepika, PR's founder. The deadline for sending the squares off is July 31, so yesterday I decided it was time to do mine.

Now, although I really do want to make at least one quilt someday,I'm not a quilter. And,I don't have any embroidery capability on any machine, but I wanted it to kind of be unique.

I also have a personal quilt philosophy that quilts should be 1) made from scraps and 2) look hand crafted.

I think I succeeded on both points... ;)
My square is made from scraps from the Eyelet Projects...the blue base fabric is from Michael's and the eyelet is from Gorgeous Fabrics, both sources that I never would have found had I not joined up at PR 5 years was my door to the internet sewing community. So I figured that would be an appropriate square from me...

And about the embroidery...well, before I stuck it in the envelope I twice tried to pick up my initials from the square, thinking that little squiggly black line was a loose thread!

It'll be fun to see what the finished product looks like.

OFF TOPIC: If you need some Happy News, I have some dear friends who are in China right now at the culmination of months and months of prayer and preparation to give an abandoned Chinese baby a home. They've been posting daily about their experience, with photos of their new addition. Just thought I'd share it with anyone who's interested...Journey to Sadie Beixi


  1. Congrats to your friends!

    The quilt square is perfect - it's not just about the fabric, but the whole meaning behind it.

  2. I really don't like to nitpik but...PR has over 100,000 members now -- not 10,000.

  3. *egg on face*
    Oops! Thanks, Peg...I fixed it ;)
    That's what I meant anyway...