Thursday, May 31, 2007

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

The Rocket City has been smoked out...literally. We live at the bottom of one of the small mountains that run along the east side of the city, and for the last couple of days I would easily believe there were wildfires raging on the back side of the mountain. Smoke that was smellable, tasteable, and visible.

But the wildfires are in the swamps of southern Georgia, about 500 miles away. You can actually see the smoke move up to our neck of the woods in satellite images.

It's just amazing that the smoke has stayed so...concentrated...for such a long distance. I can't imagine what the poor folks who live in southeast Georgia must be dealing with.

We need rain!


  1. Lisa, my friends in Valdosta tell me that ashes fall from the sky.
    We're 200 miles from the fires, and the smoke has been lingering around here for about a week. It has been so bad in the mornings that asthma sufferers have been warned to remain indoors. Pray for rain....

  2. We're getting the dense smoke from those wildfires too. Not every day, thank goodness. And no ashes too, which is also good.

    I was reading the other day that it may be August or September before those fires can be put out. YIKES!

  3. Ugh. I didn't know, my parents live in Georgia and I'm planning on being there in the next couple of weeks. I'll have to call and see how they're doing.