Monday, May 07, 2007

Photo Woes Once More

If you go to Yahoo Photos, the login page comes up, with solicitations to sign up for a free yahoo photo account...but, once logged in, this little message appears in the lower right hand corner:

Yahoo! Photos will be closing this fall so we can focus our efforts on Flickr

That means all those pictures and links will be going away!!! (So why are they still inviting people to join up???)

And I was JUST getting used to the New Yahoo Photos...which has been up and running for what, 4 months now? I'd even begun relinking last year's pictures to their respective reviews.

The Yahoo people are recommending everyone move to Flickr (or Photobucket or Kodak or one or two more that I don't remember). I went ahead and opened a Flickr account, and I'm pleased that the one photo I have uploaded so far looks very sharp, and it can be viewed in more than one size, but there are bandwidth limits with the free account, and only the most recent 200 photos can be viewed (although they're still there...I guess they're archived? That wasn't really clear). So obviously Flickr is not going to be the Final Answer.

I think I'm just going to have to use Photoworks as a backup...they still don't allow linking to a single photo, but if I link the whole album with a note as to which photo is the one that goes with the review, at least the picture is there. It works for the older reviews (the ones from '02 and '03) if I just use Flickr for the new pictures and Photoworks for the old ones I should be able to keep everything linked to a photo.

But it's going to be a pain in the patootie all the way around. And, although Yahoo says that all we have to do is request the new photo host to transfer our Yahoo photos, I couldn't find anything anywhere that told me how to make that request.

Grumble, grumble....

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  1. Catching up on reading blogs. I am glad I read your recent post about photos. I have been using Yahoo forever, didn't know they will be shutting down, why change format? I also use Flicker(free)and have been for awhile but you know more about it that I do. Thanks for posting about this. I need to check into this further.