Saturday, May 26, 2007

*Now* It's Done...

I took the sleeves off of PJ's green dress, let the seams in the sleeve/ drapey over sleeve out about 3/8" or so, took the trim off the upper sleeve and put new trim on while s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g the fabric. After I had the new piece on, I compared it to the trim I'd removed and found that I'd added about 1 1/2" to the bicep area. So I was reasonably hopeful that that would fix the problem and I put the sleeves back in.

Truth is, I did each sleeve separately...since the notches had been trimmed off, I wasn't sure I wouldn't mix up the sleeves and put the left sleeve on the right armsceye. By doing one, then doing the other, that was not a problem, although it took longer.

But I ran the dress down to church and PJ put it on and pronounced it 'So much better!'. So it is finished.

Then, I stood in PJ's office and had a lovely conversation with PJ and her hubby Pastor Dave, first about medieval history but ultimately about how they ended up in children's ministry. If I hadn't messed, um, forgot to stretch the sleeves, I'd've missed out on that. And it's a wonderful testimony of God's grace and patience.

So anyway, I got blessed! Then I came home and dove into Must Sew Project 4, the details of which I will share Monday...partly because I'm still sorta making it up as I go.


  1. Lisa,
    This is kind of an odd question... but your pastor's wife is named PJ... are they a young couple only a few years in the area? I'm wondering if she could possibly be the PJ who graduated from here (JMU), married a pastor and moved out midwestish...
    If she is tell her Kathleen says "Hi!". If not, well, never mind.

  2. No, her name isn't PJ...that's just how I'm referring to her! It stands for 'Pastor Jackie', as all our pastors are husband/wife teams. You can see the website for their camp/traveling ministry HERE;, if you're curious.

    They're from Florida, and they've been on staff at our church for 7 years now.

    But it was a question worth asking, because you never know... ;)