Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Must Sew Project 3: WIP

Yesterday I got the green medieval dress made to the point at which the zipper is in and neckline facings are on; I think I will sew up the side seams this morning and take the dress to church around noonish so PJ can try it on before I put on the sleeves and the waist trim. I think it's going to be a very pretty dress when it's done; cursed curling panne velvet notwithstanding... ;)

And DD has very suddenly no school shorts. Last year's are just, um, a little too skimpy for wearing anywhere other than the back yard. So it looks like I've got my next project picked...after I finish Must Sew Project 4, for which I will likely pick up the fabric and pattern today (another urgent church sewing item...got that assignment Sunday....). But, there's only one and one-half days of school left...maybe the shorts aren't as critical as I thought.

Or maybe I should just do laundry.... :eek:

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