Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Last Week's Sewing

My Sweet Baboo returned from his business trip (yeah, that was the Hawaii trip and no, I didn't get to go...he didn't have quite enough Frequent Flyer miles to take me along) Saturday night, but it was yesterday evening around 10 before I got a chance to put the camera in his hand and show off, er, record what I'd done while he was gone (excepting the Frankenpattern tunic that DD photographed already).

I need to do a little work on Pattern Review about these, but today's a Very Busy Day and I probably won't get to it...maybe tomorrow. But, here's the work I finished up while I was trying not to think about not being in Tropical Paradise:

The Pink Tweed jacket languished so long in the WIP column that I have almost forgotten what I did. Fortunately, I've got a post somewhere in the archives with a picture of the pattern alterations and I'll dig that out when I update the review. It's the Sandra Betzina jacket, slightly modified. And why I didn't cut it out with one of the little tufty threads on the CF line I'll never know...

Second, the T made from Really Ugly Cheap tie-dye cotton jersey. That Vogue princess T pattern works really well; the fabric has, well, Concert T recovery (ie, none), so the shaping of the pattern really made it wearable. That's Orange Top number 2 for choir.

Finally, Cutting Line's 'Farewell to Arms' skirt...Louise calls this the 'Almost Bias' skirt, because it has a nearly bias-flare below the hipline. I switched out the pocket and used the piece I'd modified for the In the Trenches skirt, and this was the fabric I bought from Louise at this year's Expo. I really, really like this skirt. Gorgeous colors and gorgeous drape and movement. I expect there will be a number of these skirts hanging in my closet before too long!

I'm now working on The Wild Butterfly Thai Coat...more orange...hope to have it done by the end of the week!


  1. The pink jacket is my favorite of this group - I've heard quite a bit about it, and now I get to see it. I think you started it before I found your blog. You look wonderful in it!

  2. Lisa,

    Wow! You accomplished a lot while hubby was away. Everything looks great on you.

  3. just a lurker who loves your work but I had to comment on the pink/yellow/orange tiedye fabric. I bought a yard of that from Hancocks knit remnant table, for $1, washed it, hoping it would soften. Nope. Ok...cut out the tee for little sis, made it up...hated it, knew she would hate the way it felt so I threw it out. I still have .5yard...doll clothes? Or trash can?

  4. Well, the doll won't care how it it's your call!

    Yes, it does feel icky, (I tried washing it first, too, but like you found it didn't make a bit of difference) but I got a bunch of compliments on it when I wore it. Nobody touched it! ;)