Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's Be a Blessing Month...

What can I say? This isn't about making a's about being a Body.
I took the last bit of costume laundry I'd done back to church yesterday, and was just about to leave, when two of the teen girls came round a corner and saw me.

It's pretty, um, affirming to be the recipient of such delight to be seen. Apparently, they'd just been talking about me, wondering if I could help them, then...there I was!

Their Jr/Sr Banquet is tomorrow night. They are being escorted to the banquet by two of the Icelandic HMC students. The guys had just gone to Burlington Coat Factory to purchase suits and discovered that suits are sold with the pants unhemmed. Could I please, please, hem the guys pants?

Now, who among you would look into two pairs of big pleading eyes and give that little S&K speech? Not me. Fortunately, one of the guys was at church and had his pants with him, so I got him to put them on and I marked the hem. White linen, underlined in poly. So it was a wee bit more involved than I expected...but I finished them up yesterday evening...late yesterday evening, after our monthly women's meeting (about which I can only say 'Wow'). During the fellowship time at the meeting, I ran into Pastor Jackie..."PJ" from last summer's 'Medieval Costuming' project. They're about to gear up into their conference/camp season and will be needing some more costumes. For the moment, she just needs another dress from the pattern I used last year...McCall's 4889. In green, preferably the same type of fabric as the first (crushed panne velvet...shudder). Well, I've got a little jaunt up to Sir's Fabrics already planned for this Saturday, so I'll see what they've got. The last time I saw panne velvet at Hancock's was about a month ago...on the clearance table. *Maybe* there's some left...I'll check when I'm out today, returning the hemmed pants and collecting pants pair 2. But making the dress shouldn't be difficult, since it's already fitted.

And my friend the bride will be bringing her shoes over Friday so I can mark and hem her dress.

I guess any 'for me' sewing done this week will be the Vogue wrap dress; it will need the white/cream serger thread that's on the machine....

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  1. I completely understand you post. I had no less than 3 people bring me stuff to fix Sunday night and another one at ladies ensemble practice Monday night!

    At least you have a talent that can be a blessing to others!