Friday, January 05, 2007

Farewell '06

Am I late or what?

We're back in town now for a good, long while, I do believe, so it's time to catch up.

Firstly, the last project for '06, the 2nd draft of the Cadeau T:

Ok, technically it wasn't wearable until Jan 1...I finished it on Dec 31, then put it on and found that the very lightweight matte jersey didn't drape like the original slinky be blunt, it cupped under my tum and bum and looked like a maternity top. Not a look for me these days. But, after throwing it in a heap and forgetting it for the rest of the night, I had an idea on New Year's Day, took the band off the bottom, cut 3" off the bottom edge of the top and put the band back on. I think it's wearable now, although the neckline is still too wide. I believe I moved it in 1" at the shoulders; I could probably move it in another inch or so to get it where I could wear normal straps under it. But 21 YO DD thought it was cute...and that's saying something. I'll probably update the review tomorrow.

Secondly, Totals for 2006:
Fabric In: 161.975 yds
Fabric Out: 128 yds
Last fabric purchase: 12/11/06
Garments made for me: 41
Garments made for other people in my family: 18
Home Dec projects: 1 tablecloth; 3 sets waterbed sheets/pillowcases; 1 Kids' throw pillow
Wadders (er...unintentional muslins): 1

Miscellaneous Church-Related Sewing:
6 Roman Soldier tunics and shorts, 18 Bible robes and 9 vests, 22 altar blankets, 2 kid's tunics, 1 medieval dress, 12 stage drapes, 1 kids' sized Grim Reaper Robe

Team Effort: 4 Baptismal Robes, 15 Bible Robes,6 Vests

I really blew it w/regard to fabric parity...naughty, naughty. No more bundles for me. This year I will instigate the 'Guaranteed Parity Plan' -- if I buy more than I sew, the difference must be given away the first week of '08.

That threat ought to help a little, no?

One final image: DS and his converted sweatshirt:

Despite the amateur photog's red eyes, can't you just see how tickled he was with his new pillow?

That was some bonus points for Mom, that was... ;)


  1. I like your Cadeau T; I think it is very flattering on you. And what a great picture of your son - he looks thrilled!

  2. Your top looks great on you - I think the changes make it wearable, yet still preserve the lines of the garment.

    Your son looks so happy - it's great to have a mom that sews!

    Welcome back - hope you get caught up!