Saturday, August 12, 2006

Snapshots Shot

I don't know how long I've been doing the 'Saturday Snapshots' thing, but it has seemed like I'm just typing the same stuff every week, so I think that little deal has run its course and needs to be retired...or, rather, replaced by sidebar entries (I'm working on that little by little).

I know I've got some Major multi-item projects coming up, so I thought I'd switch this around and use Saturdays for Big Project Status Reports. Hopefully I'll think up a snazzier name than that, but here's this week's report:

Project Master's Commission: make Bible costumes for HMC students who don't have anyone else to sew for them. This is a team effort.

-- Collecting names and fabric from students; Cut-A-Thon is a week from today. Currently, 16 students have asked for help, and we have also been asked to make about 8 special costumes for the program to have on hand, but I expect to get more requests this week. So far, three students have given me their fabric; I've hemmed about 4 of the head drapes, just to get them out of the way, since the serger was already threaded with the right color.

Stage Drapes for Radiance, our annual women's conference at church: cut and hem 5-yard long sections of fabric to adorn the stage during the conference .

--I've got the sheer blue fabric all ripped to size -- there are six drapes -- and they need to have the raw edges serged and rod pockets added to the ends. Our Stage Director General is still looking for some chocolate brown fabric to use also but hasn't had much luck; she said if she couldn't find it this weekend we'd just use the blue by itself. I'll serge it up when I finish the shirts that are in progress now and can change the serger.

There are a couple of projects on deck, but I'll hold off on mentioning those until they're actually launched. ;)

Have a good sewing weekend!

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