Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Snap it up

I finished the extra pieces for DD's costume but she hasn't been home long enough to put it all on yet...maybe tonight...

But I did think I'd share the closure I put on it. The pattern includes neckline facings, but I think a bit of bias tape makes a nicer finish; not to mention the bias never flips to the outside. ;)

I extended the bias just a bit on one side, though, so I could use my snap setting tool and hammer on a nice, sturdy snap:

We'll see how well it holds up for her. If it does well, that may be the new recommended finish for the necklines of the costumes...so far, everything we've tried (velcro tabs, ties, invisible zippers, hooks/eyes, safety pins...) has only been so-so; I want a closure that is 1) quick and easy to do 2) easy to open/close and 3) not visually distracting. Maybe this will do it.

Today I'm determined to clean my laundry/sewing room...it's gotten to the point where it's almost not functional. Time to do something about it!


  1. That looks very nice and neat, Lisa. What sort of snap setter do you use?

  2. I had to go look! It's the SnapSetter (tm)...I think Nancy's Notions carries them. It's a three piece doohicky..the bottom piece holds the pronged ring (or circle), the fabric is laid over the prongs, then the second piece goes on and holds the ball/socket bit, and the top piece has the widgie that actually pushes the pieces together when you hit it with the hammer. It works MUCH better than those pliers-like snap tools; I don't think I EVER got a snap set to my satisfaction with those!