Monday, August 21, 2006

Pink Jacket Ponderings

I'm down to the last piece of the six fabrics I ordered earlier this summer from Fashion Fabrics Club; a pink tweed suiting. I need it to be a jacket, and I need it next month. And I'm currently awash in Bible Costumes for our Master's Commission students, so personal sewing time will be limited. Actually, while I'm sewing those long seams, I'm trying to make up my mind which jacket pattern to use.

Complicating the issue are the buttons. I discovered that some buttons that I bought from Louise Cutting at the Atlanta Expo two years ago are PERFECT for this fabric. Unfortunately, I only bought 4...two 1" buttons and two 5/8" buttons. What was I thinking? Were those the last ones left? Did I only have enough money remaining for those four by the time I bought them? I don't have a clue now; but obviously I bought two buttons for the front of a jacket and two small buttons for sleeve trim. Nevertheless, I have decided that I MUST use those buttons on the jacket.

So after digging through the pattern cabinet I learned that I have no TNT jacket patterns that have a two-button front. So I'm now trying to decide what to do...pondering my options. Should I just use one of my 'one-button' TNT patterns and keep the other button as a spare? Should I take the time to fit the only suitable two-button jacket I found, an OOP Butterick? Should I morph the front of the Butterick pattern onto a TNT pattern? Should I rework my beloved Today's Fit jacket from this year's SWAP so that it has a v-neckline and only needs two buttons? That would be an awfully deep V...not sure how it would work. Decisions, decisions.

I am going to try and limit my costume sewing to two costumes a day, so after I've finished my daily two then I can focus on the jacket. It would be nice to have it traced, tested, altered, cut, fused and ready to sew as soon as the last costume rolls through the machines and I can put pink thread in...needless to say, none of the Bible costumes are going to require pink thread ;)

BTW, I'm still voiceless, so I'm off to the dr later this morning. A week of feeling puny is enough already.

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