Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Happy Fabric Dance

Ah, my friend the UPS man left my Zegna wool from Michael yesterday...omigoodness, is that nice! Lightweight and silky...it's going to make a terrific pantsuit.

So last night I traced my Fashion Sewing Group 1945 jacket. There are a *lot* of pieces to trace...separate shell and lining pieces, which I love...or at least, appreciate once it's traced.

I straightened the edges of the fabric and threw a piece of one of the end strips in the washer and dryer last night, just to see what would happen. It fuzzed up a bit and got a little spongey, but after I pressed it aggressively it went back to its original hand with just a teeny bit of shrinkage. Michael cut this piece so generously that I think I can afford that little bit of shrinkage so I'll probably wash the whole piece once. I won't wash the finished pieces...they'll go to the cleaners...but washing it is a whole lot easier than London shrinking a 4+ yard chunk of fabric!

I've got to do some testing of the pattern before I cut into that yummy wool, though...

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