Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Elly Sews

Ok, I read the comics...daily...and one of my favorite strips is For Better or For Worse. It's been in our local paper...oh, ten years or so, but I was a fan before then. It was in the papers in Indiana in the early '80's and I'd read it when we visited my parents and my inlaws. My DMIL would sometimes collect strips on a story line she thought I'd like and send them to me, and I accumulated the annual collection books. I even have a signed little doodle of Elly from Lynn Johnston...but that's a long story.

Anyway, the strip's Mom, Elly Patterson, sews. Over the years her sewing has produced Halloween costumes that were handed down from one kid to another; she's watched the pleasure in her family at the return of clothes that have been in the mending pile so long they're nearly forgotten, she's tracked down sewing supplies that her kids swiped to play with, and in numerous situations, she's just been sewing in the background to the unrelated conversation that's taking's just a matter-of-fact part of her life.

Which is what's going on in today's strip. Elly is talking to her daughter April about her other daughter while she hand sews on some undefinable something. And, to make it really authentic, she has a pin in her mouth.

Yup, Elly wonder I'm a fan... ;)

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