Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Building the Queue

I managed to get the lavendar RPL knit twinset cut out last night. Actually, it's not a true twinset, since the shell is from Kwik Sew 2948 and the shrug is New Look 6559. I'm making the tank-topish version of the KS shell...I haven't made that one before; I've always done the mock T. However, rather than trace a whole new pattern for just a different neckline,I laid my T-neck pattern over the original (which has both necklines drawn in), drew a horizontal match line from about halfway down the armhole over to the CF/CB, then laid a scrap of tracing paper over both patterns and traced the match line and the neckline/shoulder of the tank style from that line up. Then, when I cut the top, I folded the mock-t neckline/shoulder down at the match line, laid the new style over it and cut away. I guess I should've taken a photo; it's much easier to do than explain! But I was in a hurry. Anyway, it looks good so far... ;)

I'm making the set-in sleeve/long front tie version of the shrug. I read the instructions over but won't be using them...we're talking antiquated construction techniques. Why-why-why do the big 4 pattern companies still insist on setting in knit sleeves 1) in the round 2) with two lines of gathering threads as if it were some puffy sleeved woven top? Puh-lee-ase!

Not sure when I'll get to these things; I intend to only use my conventional machine to double-needle finish the edges/hems so I expect they'll both go together pretty quickly.

Once I get them started... ;)

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