Thursday, June 29, 2006

Zipping along

...although so far no zippers have been involved.

I can cross the Jalie T, the Kwik Sew Twinset and the gauchos for DD off the list; they're done! Next up is the khaki Oxfords, but I don't think I'll get them finished before we head north on Saturday. I really need to tend to things like housecleaning and budget work (budget is like laundry; I can get it close to caught up but somehow I never really find the bottom of the hamper and it overflows again before I know it). So we'll see.

I'll review the gauchos after we get back; since DD is in Indiana I can't try them on her for fit.

I have found about 4 fabrics that I think I can use to knock off the tiered skirt. But they're all kind of muted colors; I need something bright to make it pop. And I haven't even started looking for lace and ribbons yet. I may check the sale tables at Hancock's today; I need some McCall's patterns and they're 75% off so I've got to make a trip over there anyway.

We'll see if I can get in and out with just the patterns... ;)

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  1. The hamper has a bottom? You're kiddin, right?! I don't think mine came with one of those...;) Love your blog (and your posts over at PR too)