Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wardrobe Gaposis

I'm missing a wardrobe basic...a short sleeved white shirt.

A white shirt (not sleeveless or tank) was the wardrobe requirement for the joint choir in the city-wide prayer service on Sunday, which was at the baseball stadium. I thought I was good, but, when I went to the closet...no short sleeved white shirts.

Then I remembered that they were all getting just a little tired looking and I'd retired them from the closet last fall, with the intention of making a couple of new ones.

I forgot.

So, I made do with a long-sleeved linen shirt (which may have been wiser from a sunscreen perspective anyway), but I've got to put the short sleeved shirts...probably a t and a campshirt...on the To Do Soon list.

It's always sumthin'...


  1. Hmm. I don't have a white short sleeved shirt, either. Seems like a needful thing indeed.

    What is a "t and a campshirt"?

  2. a t shirt and a campshirt...got lazy... ;)