Monday, June 05, 2006

The To-Do List

I need to make one. Helps keep things in focus and all that. So, for this week:
Catch the budget up (I've got to get that done; DH is beginning to grumble)
Finish the garments that are cut Burda WOF skirt, the champagne shell, the pink twinset.
Make the last eight altar blankets.
Clean off the computer desk (the main Hot Spot of my Endless incoming paperwork)
Mop the kitchen floor...the little Wet Swiffer job just isn't cutting the mustard; I need to haul out the bucket and the mop and the Serious floor cleaner.

If I get all of that actually *done* (or at least caught up to mostly current) amongst the unscheduled spontenaity of summer, I'll consider it a successful week ;)

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