Friday, June 23, 2006

Short Sheeted

So, yesterday I worked on the first set of waterbed sheets. I actually finished them up about 11 last night and updated the stats to reflect that the sheets were done, then I got up this morning and stripped the bed to put the new sheets on. As I was doing that, I was mentally writing a blog entry or review about the process of making them, and also deciding what I needed to get going for the Next Project.

This is a classic set of waterbed sheets; the bottom sheet has triangular pockets across the corners for the mattress, and the top sheet is sewn to the bottom sheet between the two pockets at the foot of the bed.

I found myself having problems getting the bottom sheet to lay across the bed right; that didn't make sense, because I'd laid the bottom sheet on the bed last night before I attatched the top sheet, just to make sure it would fit, and it had looked really good.

Then I noticed I had sewn the foot of the top sheet to the side of the bottom sheet. I was putting the bottom sheet on the bed 90 degrees off from what it should be.

So now I have an appointment with the seam ripper to get things apart and then back together, so I can't move on just yet.

But the pillowcases fit well.


  1. Lisa - I hate it when that happens. You seem to take it in stride though. Maybe you'll have sunshine to frog in?

  2. Believe it or not, I did my frogging while scaning the daily blogs; dial up is slow enough that I could
    etc. ;)
    It was only about a yard long seam, but I had topstitched bias tape over it to reinforce it, so I had to take of the bias, then rip out the seam.

    But it's all done and on the bed now!

  3. What an interesting variety of items you sew...swimsuits, costumes, sheets, separates and dresses! Where did you find sheeting wide enough to make bed linens? Inquiring minds want to know. :)

  4. Here's the link for the sheeting, that I think will make nicer sheets:
    110" Sheeting. The broadcloth is on that site too, but I'm too sleepy tonight to look up the exact page.

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  6. Jackie, I think you've perhaps misunderstood what Sew Random's a *sewing* blog, not a commercial blog. I have no plans for commercializing my site, but thank you for your interest.