Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday Snapshot

In the CD Player: Susan Ashton, Margaret Becker and Christine Dente, Along the Road

On the Bookstand:I had to take the two younger kids to the bookstore to (finally) use gift cards they'd received for Christmas, and I couldn't leave without a book or two following me home. Years ago, I read Ursula LeGuin's Earthsea Trilogy, but I was surprised to learn that she wrote a fourth book years later, Tehanu. It was an interesting read; not quite along the same lines as the earlier books...a little more mature in its subject matter and a little more feminist in its handling of them. I don't think I will recommend it to 13 YO DS just yet, although he has read the other three. I also picked up Dorothy Sayer's The Nine Tailors, which I understand is about church bells, not garment making. It's one of the few Lord Peter books that I haven't read, but I have read *about* commentator noted that Ms. Sayers could've had a graduate degree in campanology for the research she did for this book; she was reputedly invited to become vice-president of the Campanological Society of Great Britain, according to this same commentator (Carolyn Heilbrun, originally published by The American Scholor in spirng of 1968 and reprinted in Harper & Row's collection of the Lord Peter Short Stories). Anyway, our local library did not have this book and I'd been looking for it for quite a that's Next Up.

On the Sewing Table:The current cut out projects are all taken care of; I've got to sew some patches on DS's Royal Ranger dress uniform for the leadership camp he's attending next week. Then, I'll be cutting out swimsuits.

Projects completed this week: The last 10 altar blankets (I squeezed two more out of the yardage; dunno quite how that happened, but, well, ok), the stretch poly charmeuse shell, the pink twin set (sort of, anyway, see yesterday's post on wadders...)

Body-For-Life progress: I'm beginning to think I should quit calling it 'Body for Life' and just call it Fitness Program; I'm still having difficulty getting the whole schedule worked in right. But, enough progress has been made that there have been a few people ask if I've lost weight. Only 3 lbs; I think the difference mostly is from the exercising that has tightened things up a little. At least I'm not gaining weight any more...that's something....

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