Saturday, June 03, 2006

Saturday Snapshot

In the CD Player:Scott Brenner, The Kingdom and the Power

On the Bookstand:I actually re-read Frank Herbert's Dune this week; boy that is a complex book. I thought so when I first read it almost 30 years ago and I still think so now. Unfortunately, I don't think the rest of the books in that series quite lived up to the first one, but I haven't read the newer books that Herbert's son has collaborated on.

On the Sewing Table:The stretch poly shell, the pink LH Sweater Set, the Khaki Burda WOF skirt (I do have the zipper applied to the proper pocket piece; I did that the same time I put the zipper in the pocket for my Daphne pants); 8 altar blankets and capris for DD that only need the waistband elastic applied. That'll probably be all I get done today; she has to wear them tomorrow. I also measured my favorite aging set of waterbed sheets so that I can get the two 6-yard chunks of extra-wide cotton fabric turned into sheet sets sometime soon.

Projects completed this week: Finished the knit gauchos last Saturday and my khaki Daphne pants earlier this week.

Body-For-Life progress: AAAIIIIIEEEE! Why did I put this on the Snapshot list??? I'm increasing my fitness...I'm going farther on the aerobic training, and I've got to bump up my weights before I do my upper body training today, but the scales...I gave both DH and myself a mini-lecture on the need to Eat Right. But we're having problems with that as we don't have a good dinner time in the evening; or at least, we have been busy every night for the last couple of weeks...makes firing up the grill for some nice lean protien harder than it should be. When we can finally get the eating kicked in, I think we'll see some progress.

Off to the Rat Race... ;)


  1. i agree, DUNE is the best one, they go downhill in order from there. :)

  2. Sorta like the Original Star Wars Movie (I *hate* calling it 'Episode Four'). The sequels never quite hit that high water mark, and the prequels...snort...

    Hm. Does that sound judgemental? ;)