Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pink Knit Blues

I've got the pink twinset done to the topstitching (i.e., hems and front edge finishes) and I'm really wondering about the wearability of this set.

The fabric itself is very pretty to look at; it's a shimmery sort of single knit w/a floral jacquard pattern. It's very thin and I had to cut the shell double just for, um, security.

But...it snags if you think 'rough fingernail', and, when I tried it on, I discovered that it has the worst no-breathing-here-polyester characteristics. I dunno why I didn't think of that when I was looking at it. I guess I was hoping it had some rayon or breatheable microfiber in it; the fabric content was labeled 'miscellaneous' (well, it was off of Hancock's $2.95 table), if I remember right.

I'll finish it up and see how it really works once it's all done...but it may be a very short-lived set, since it snags so easily (and I mean a noticeable snag on the least little catch; it's been tricky to handle on my beat-up sewing table). Now I'm wondering what one WOULD make from this fabric; for all that it's so pretty, I'm thinking it's just too impractical for real life.

Which may be why it was at Hancock's for $2.95.

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