Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Finished Swimsuits

Haven't decided if I'm going to be brave enough to post a photo or not...Maybe I'll do like Patti Palmer in Fit for Real People and put a paper bag over my head. ;) There's nothing wrong with the fit of the suit, but I'm not pleased with the body that's in it. 9 weeks of mediocre commitment to a fitness program has only stopped the upward creep of the scales; after our upcoming vacation, I'm hoping I can collect my scattered determination again and give it a uncompromised effort, but in the meantime, well, meh.

Anyway, the suits I made were Kwik Sew 2962 for me and Kwik Sew 2606 for 9 YO (well, almost 10) DD. There was nothing remarkable about the suits or their construction; KS has such good instructions. I did put a swim bra in mine, which helps a lot, and, since DD is a RTW size 10 Slim, I cut her suit as a size 8 in girth and size 10 in length and it fits great and she loves it.

She doesn't even mind that it's a match for her mother's...something that would embarrass her 20 YO big sister right out of the swimming pool.

Oh, and the best part is that my suit was less than $10 and hers was less than $5 (fabric, elastic and swim bra were all on sale...). :D


  1. I put a picture of me in a swimsuit up on my blog and at pattern review. You can do it!

  2. HHmmmm....we'll see.
    DH has the camera on a camping trip right now; maybe when he gets back.