Friday, June 02, 2006

Busy Weekend

I think this is the last 'booked up' weekend for a while...this weekend happens to be Pentecost, so there is the Global Day of Prayer event in our city; we are part of the combined congregation choir, so there is a rehearsal mid-morning tomorrow and the event itself at the local baseball stadium on Sunday (thankfully, our weather forecast is for pleasant weather...or at least as pleasant as it gets in Alabama in June). But it's also the first Saturday of the month, so we have dress rehearsal tonight for the Uplink service tomorrow night. And Saturday morning first thing, there's a meeting for folks who are small group leaders at church (which includes DH and I).

I may not get a Snapshot posted tomorrow...we'll see how the day goes. :D I've got to get a pair of khaki capris sewn for DD by Sunday...she's in the kid's choir, and they're dressing the same as the adult choir, in khaki and white. Unfortunately, her khaki capris from last year won't zip this year. But it's a TNT pattern that's quick to make, so I think I can get it done.

So, Monday, I'm going to take a Deep Breath...and see what Normal is like.

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