Thursday, May 11, 2006

Too much on my (sewing) plate

This is probably only a problem fabric stashers encounter.

With some new clothing requirements coming up, I went through the stash and pulled some pieces of fabric that I thought would make up well for what I needed. Now,currently the stash is in the attic over the garage, which is somewhat finished out and accessible from the upstairs running up and down the pull-down staircase like I had to do at our old house. So, with the fabric safely stored in a reasonably accessible space, why do I feel compelled to pull yards and yards out to look at, mix up, and generally mess with? Now I have about three largish stacks of fabric spread out between the bedroom and the sewing nook and it's contributing to the general gridlock. I can only cut out about 10 yards worth...maybe 3 pieces...if I spend a whole day cutting, anyway, so I've pulled waaaayy more than I need to for immediate sewing.

And it's distracting! Ok, I'll sew the khaki cotton/, wait, that tweedy suiting needs to be put together...maybe I can squeeze a quick top out of that knit...DD needs a skirt from that denim...DH really needs that Oxford shirt...

Maybe I should pick three pieces out to sew and put the rest up. Especially since the calendar is full and there's precious little chance for sewing for the next 10 days or so.

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