Tuesday, May 02, 2006

SWAP Results

Well, I was just going to post the link to the Swap Results Page at Timmel Fabrics, but since Linda already mentioned it in yesterday's comments, I'll admit to being awarded 5th place. Julie said the votes were so close that she decided to award 5 places instead of 3, so I got an 'honorable mention' prize; which is pretty cool! The top 3 SWAP wardrobes are awesome...make sure you look closely at Hellenne's coat. If I remember right, she did that while watching the Olympics...it would've taken me 2 years, minimum (evidenced by the 3.5 years and counting I've spent beading a vest). Amazing!

But the best part of doing the SWAP challenge is that it gave me an incentive to sew up the things I had planned to make, anyway, and I got to share the process with other sewing enthusiasts.

Now I need to get my focus off of SWAP and back on to the costumes; it's been a little distracting ;)


  1. Yes Congratz... What an honor to have been named one of the winners. I have to say that my favorite piece is the silver blouse you were having trouble with. I LOVE IT!