Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Succumbing to the Siren Song

Nope, no way, didn't do it, although I was tempted. I said I wouldn't do any sewing yesterday...not even read a pattern envelope...and I didn't.

But I did wander just a little on the 'net. And I lingered a little too long at Fabric Mart. What had attracted my attention was the Rayon print bundle. I've been thinking that would make a really kewl tiered skirt...but I think 12 yards would've been wwwaaaayy more than I needed. I just drooled over it (and, so long as they've still got it, I guess I'm still considering it), but didn't get it. However, I did notice that they had white cotton/lycra at a really good price, so I got some. And while I was at it, I got a piece of burgundy jacquard for a fall jacket and the shirting bundle (DH needs new shirts). Gotta stretch that $8 shipping over several yards, you know...

Anyway, I ended up ordering 19.5 yards of fabric (And the stash groans).

Then I remembered that I'd used part of my Timmel Fabrics prize to get some white cotton/lycra shirting.

Good thing white shirts are 'in'... ;)

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