Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturday Snapshot

In the CD Player:David Hamilton, Resting Place

On the Bookstand:In addition to the ongoing reading, I started Lisa Bevere's new book Fight Like a Girl

On the Sewing Table: The stretch poly shell is still there.

Projects completed this week: Haven't sewn a stitch all week, but I did get La Fred's Daphne pant traced and ready to cut out.

Body-For-Life progress: As I told DH, we're not in this for a fantabulous transformation in 12 weeks, this is just trying to be healthy. So, while we're doing ok on the exercising, the nutrition part is not quite up to BFL standards. Life is hectic, we're doing the best we can. So I haven't lost a significant amount of weight...but I have toned up a bit after 4 weeks and my clothes are fitting better. Over time, it'll pay off...


  1. Whoa. High energy woman! I love sewing blogs - would love to see pictures of finished projects!


  2. Mimi, check the link on the upper right labeled 'My Reviewed Patterns'. There are photos linked to the reviews, as well as in the SWAP 2006 link and the Scrooge 2005 link (the project that prompted the blog)