Monday, May 29, 2006

Looking Younger

Yeah, I know everyone wants to, but I'm talking about on stage. I mentioned last week that I'm portraying a busy mom in a skit for this Saturday's Uplink service (theme for the evening: The Rat Race), and I was glad that there were no costuming issues. But it's kind of percolated around in my brain over the weekend, and I realized that I really don't just want to get on stage and portray myself...the character is not me.

Not to mention that the fellow playing my character's spousal unit is a good 10 - 15 years younger than I am. (hey, with church drama, ya use who ya got. I wasn't first choice for 'Mom'...just the one who was available). Plus, he's supposed to be an exectutive-type, so I'm thinking his wife would tend to look a little more 'uptown' than I normally do.

So -- I need to look younger and more chic than I am in real life. Not dressy; my character is on her way to volunteer at a local food distribution ministry and then go watch her son's soccer game. Here's what I'm thinking:
sleeveless fitted white blouse with a navy cardigan, sleeves tied scarf-style, over it; denim capris w/ classic Keds sneakers, a sharp little tote bag, and my hair pulled back in a headband. I'm intending to get a haircut sometime this summer to even up the growing-out layers; the top layers aren't quite as long as I'd like yet but I could probably go ahead w/the cut and it wouldn't be too bad. And I'll hope the cameras don't do a real close-up shot that shows the wrinkles in my forehead. ;)

I don't have a sleeveless white blouse,Keds or a cute tote bag (I ALWAYS carry my stuff in a black backpack; no chic going on there)...but those are wardrobe staples that won't hurt to add to the closet anyway, right? And I got a BUNCH of white cotton/lycra shirting in the last couple of weeks, so I could use some of that. Not sure what pattern I'd go for, but I don't doubt there's one in the stash that would work.

Anyway, what do you think? Will my planned wardrobe work for 'Busy 35-ish year old Soccer Mom'?

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