Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The First Bundle

Y'know, I don't think I've ever ordered a 'bundle' from anyone...until last week, when I ordered one of Fabric Mart's shirting bundles. It was posted as 5 - 2.5 yard cuts (total of 12.5 yards) for 23.00. Was I ever pleased with what I got:

The bundle is laying out on the seat cushions; the other two fabrics I purchased are leaning against the back. One is a deep burgundy w/fuschia floral cotton/lycra sateen (for some reason I thought it was brocade or jacquard; I've no idea why, it clearly says sateen on the website. I guess the colors just looked kind of brocadey), and the other is a white cotton/lycra shirting that is so fine it's nearly batiste weight. I think I'll make a summer floaty nightgown from it.

The shirt bundle was really generous; I ended up with a total of 13.5 yards, and three of the fabrics are cotton/lycra. The white-with-dark-blue stripe even feels like it might have a touch of rayon in it. And DS of the Rolling Eyes even said he might wear a shirt made from the bright blue and white cotton/lycra shirting...if I could 'make a decent shirt'. Guess I need to see his definition of 'decent shirt'....

But the definition of frustration is to have new projects calling and no time to spend on them! Maybe next week...

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