Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Finished the Daphnes!

Daphne Pant Review

I've had this pattern in the stash for ages...probably at least three years. The slim cut on it kind of intimidated me, and it didn't have pockets. But when I finally morphed on some pockets and made them up out of some cotton/ I think this will become my new standard slim pants pattern, or at least the one I use for fabric with some oomph to it. They're probably just a little long, yet (I took 2" off the length), but I didn't want to get them just right at this point...I fear progressive shrinkage with the cotton fabric. So we'll see how they hold up.

But now I've got three...yes, three...khaki pieces that I can wear for choir this summer. Two more and I'll have enough to make it without feeling like I'm repeating myself too often. A Burda WOF skirt that's already cut from the same fabric as the Daphnes, and some yet-to-get-started Oxford pants from the nice drapey Tencel twill I got from FFC last week. June's accent is slate or powder blue, which fortunately is a color that I wear a lot anyway, so I'm good for that. Once the khaki's done, I can get to the green poly/rayon jacquard for July, the lavender shirting and RPL double knit for August, and the Pink cotton/lycra interlock and the pink boucle jacket fabric for September. Not to mention the shirts for DH from the lavendar and some pink oxford that I've got about.

After that...who knows... ;)

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