Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Adding Khaki

I headed into the sewing nook yesterday to start on the next batch of costumes; the soldiers are done to the velcro at the neck and the hem on the lower edge and Miss A has said she could finish those out...she doesn't have a serger and I hated to ask her to make whole garments, but the straight stitch stuff I can share. So I planned to start on the three robes.

Then it hit me: the robes are needed for Saturday; I need Khaki to wear in choir tomorrow. So I hit 'pause' on the costumes while I made up the skirt I cut from the khaki silk twill last week. I took care with it; serged all the edges, then sewed the seams conventionally and pressed them open, then topstitched them. I'm very pleased with it!

I made the Loes Hinse gore skirt; but I used three godets, putting one in the back and one one either side. I wanted to put one in the front,too, but I didn't have enough fabric to do that AND get the City Dress shell top. But, given the kind of untraditional asymetry that's going on with skirts these days, I thought it would be ok to just have the front straight.

It's an awful color for me, really, but the skirt moves and drapes and swishes and is very feminine's going to get worn a lot. So I've got something to put on tomorrow, and I can get back to costuming...after Bible study this morning.


  1. Lisa, That skirt is great! I know you'll enjoy it. Am I seeing it right--the godet comes up above your knee?

    Nice job!

    Beth H--who can't seem to log into blogger to post this

  2. Yup -- the point on the godets is around mid-thigh on me. (I shortened the skirt about 3" above the godet marks; easier to shorten it there than elsewhere)