Thursday, April 20, 2006

The SWAP Entries are Up!

There are 23 ladies who completed a total of 25 SWAP wardrobes (yup...two ladies actually made two wardrobes each! Incredible but true!). The work is awesome and can be seen at Timmel Fabrics SWAP page. The wardrobes are fantastic; I'm honored just to be on the same page as such incredibly talented seamstresses. Incidently, all registered Sewing World members can vote for their favorites; the top 3 will receive prizes from Timmel Fabrics and will also be featured in an upcoming article in Stitches magazine (sort of the Australian equivalent of Threads). Julie will post the instructions for voting sometime today and the polls (email to Julie) will open tomorrow and go for a week. I'm already trying to figure out how in the WORLD I'm going to pick three favorites.

Go look at all the pictures! They are amazing and inspiring! But there are a lot of photos on the page, so if you're (like me) on dial-up, it'll take a little while for them all to patient, it's worth it. ;)


  1. they all look so wonderful, i can't decide! (i can't vote anyway, because i never posted on the topic at SW, right?). oh, this is so inspiring, i will have to seriously consider this for next year.

    great job, lisa!

  2. No, Linda, if you're a registered Sewing World member, you can vote. Julie decided to open it up to all of Sewing World this year. So go ahead and pick your three favorites!

    Like that's going to be easy...

  3. Lisa, I loved Helleens and Sandys swaps.I thought that Helleens was very creative with colors and patterns and Sandys the colors were great. I think that the program is great, but I think it would be too much for me considering.

    Talk later...

  4. Hi Lisa,
    All the SWAPs are great! You've got one official vote from me because I think you did one of the best jobs of following the rules so that everything goes with everything (not everybody did that) and it looks like a *very* wearable wardrobe and one that wouldn't look like a SWAP at first glance. IOW, if you had all of these garments on a trip, I wouldn't immediately think that you only had 11 pieces that were being mixed. Well done!