Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Shopping Annointing Falls

A sick kiddo can throw a wrench in the plans, no doubt about it! I intended to go looking for costume fabric on Monday; but DD got up with a stomach virus and I didn't feel comfortable leaving her at home by I waited until DS got home from school and took off.

I found about 3 pieces of fabric in the small stash at church that'll do to replace some of the missing costumes; I got three more chuncks from the dollar table at Wal-Mart so we have enough material to alleviate the current costume crunch; I found some red poly/rayon linen-look at Hancock's that was on sale; with the 'charity/club' discount, it was about $2.30/yd. What's more, they had enough for six soldier tunics!

I had a fabric finding annointing; the whole trip took only a couple of hours; I'd expected to spend all day.

So all this fabric is going through the wash; I did two loads yesterday and I think I can get by with the rest in one load today. Tomorrow, Miss A and I will stack-n-whack six soldier tunics and about 4 robes and *maybe* two or three vests...we'll see how we get along time-wise.

After we're done, we really need to seriously deal with the whole disorganized costume issue...anyone know where I can get chains like they use to secure leather jackets to the racks in the department stores? ;)


  1. I can imagine using some of those shop-lifting tags that can't be removed without the special tool. Then put those gates up at the doors. As long as you're in the church you're ok, but just try to take one of those costumes through the doors! LOL!

  2. LOL, Beth!

    You may be on to something here...but that wouldn't stop the 'Oh, these are in the way...let's just throw them in this box' problem that we also seem to be having...or at least, I *hope* that's what we're having. I'm going go go have a look in the Scrooge boxes just to see if anyone 'helped' by trying to box the Bible costumes, after we've finished this little project for the conference (did I mention John Bevere is going to be our speaker? hold on to your hats...)