Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday Snapshot

In the CD Player: Don Potter, Since the Fall

On the Bookstand: I haven't done anymore reading on my Bevere or my Boone, but I did take a lunch break and re-read Helene Hanff's 84, Charing Cross Road on Thursday...that book always makes me feel rather unlettered, since I've only read a fraction of the books that she ordered. But such a poignant story! I don't know how many times I've read it, but for the first time it struck me that these letters were written well after the end of WW II, yet the English people were still dealing with extreme rationing. It really impressed me. (I could chase a rabbit here about American consumption, but I'll spare you. I'm not going to get THAT random).

On the Sewing Table: 'champagne' (that's thte best word for the color) poly stretch charmeuse tank top from my modified Loes Hinse City Dress bodice, khaki silk twill Loes Hinse gore skirt, six red costume tunics, 3 full length costume robes and 2 rather largish costume over vests. Miss M and Miss A may, perhaps, take some to sew. I should've gotten farther on the red tunics yesterday, but I procrastinated starting because I had to change the thread in the serger (it takes 2 minutes. Why do I drag my feet so?)

Projects completed this week: After posting last Saturday,I finished DD's embroidered denim capris; after supper I cut out and finished a Jalie 2005 crew-neck t and a Chrisine Johnson Basewear 2 mock-T shell, both from some GORGEOUS cotton/lycra jersey print I got last summer from Emma One Sock. Thursday, after cutting at church, I finished off a City Dress shell in the silk twill...ooooh, it feels so good!

Body-For-Life progress: The scales say I've lost 2 pounds...but I know, with Free Day tomorrow that by Monday it could be back up again. Still, I put on a pair of pants that were 'I can't wear these' two weeks ago...and they didn't look *too* bad. So there's some progress somewhere.

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