Saturday, April 15, 2006

Saturday Snapshot

In the CD player: Dwayne Roberts, Apostolic Prayers

On the bookstand: I've decided to list all the books I'm reading, instead of just the top one: Still reading Tolkein's The End of the Third Age; I'm also reading John Bevere's Drawing Near, and, for a ladies' study at church, Wellington Boone's Woman, You're a Kingmaker. I *think* that's all at the moment ;)

On the sewing table: Six pairs of red pull-on guy's shorts; these have to be finished today as they are needed in the morning to be worn by guys dressed as Roman soldiers. Miss A is doing the tunics and Miss M is putting together the vinyl "armor". But I'm probably 3/4 done with them so it shouldn't be a problem. Also a tie-dyed knit T-top and ruffled skirt for DD.

Projects finished this week: Tiered madras plaid skirt for DD.

For those who can receive it: Have a blessed celebration of the Resurrection!

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